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II. Tectonophysical simulation of deformation structures and process of rock massifs destructions for solutions of fundamental and applied problems of physics of the Earth

Name Sity or Country
1-st  author
Title of report
Bokun A.N. Ukraina Results of tectonophysical modeling of horizontal shear zones and their using for oil and gas searches.
Borniakov S.A. Irkutsk
Grokholsky A.L., Dubinin E.P. Moscow Analogue modeling of structure forming deformations in rift zones and transform faults of ocean lithosphere
Damaskinskaya E.E., Tomilin N.G. S.-Petersburg Simulation of the tectonic fault stress by finite element method.
Dulabova N.Yu. Uzbekistan  
Makarov P.V. Tomsk  
Mihailova A.V. Moscow  
Molchanov A.E. Moscow  
Parphenuk O.I. Moscow Thermal and tectonic evolution of collisional structures (the numerical modelling)
Romanyuk T.V., Mihailova A.V. Moscow  
Stefanov Yu. P. Tomsk Numerical modeling of deformation processes in a geological medium above the elastic limit
Suetnova E.I. Moscow  
Timofeev V.Yu. Novosibirsk  
Turapov M.K. Uzbekistan  
Turapov M.K , Suleimanov M.O., Dulabova N.Yu. Uzbekistan  
Fatkhulaev Sh. D., Umurzakov R.A. Uzbekistan  
Filatova V.T. Apatity Reconstruction  of palaeostresses in the northeastern Baltic Shield in the Late Archaean during the earth's crust formation (numerical modeling).
Shilko Ye.V., Astafurov S.V., Dimaki A.V., Ruzhich V.V., Granin N.G.,  Psakhie S.G Tomsk Study of the formation and development of deformation-induced structures in plate media by the example of Lake Baikal ice cover

TPH_lab Gzovsky
"Virtual laboratory of tectonophysical analysis of modern and paleo stress"